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     Since September 1991 the company occupies modern facilities in the Rio San

Pedro Estate Puerto Real. This situation allows you to be well served to be
much more operational work input and output of goods and storage inside and


3.700 m2


450 m2


400 m2

Parque Exterior

1.300 m2

N.S.L. is equipped with the latest machinery for the development of their
functions in its different sections, so you can highlight in the field of carpentry
and joinery, automatic machinery for wood processing numerical control cutting,
planing, edging, grinding chisel and slender, sorting, gluing press, saws, etc.. All
machinery is connected to a central vacuum system. The finishing of furniture
and other pressure chamber is done in paint and varnish.

Both machinery and vacuum the entire system, electricity and compressed air
and fire, have a certificate of conformity of the EC and approved inspection
body, fulfilling their mandatory technical reviews of maintenance.
For thin sheet made of steel and aluminum are available and welding sheet
metal workshop.
A whole range of portable machines facilitates assembly work outside our
It has quality assurance system, certified by BUREAU VERITAS and complying
with the ISO-9001 and Environmental Management System according to ISO
14000 and approved by the same certifier.

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