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      N. S. LOURDES, SL started its business in the year 1961.
Since that time, and work begins to realize that throughout his career has been
the main activity, naval accommodations, making all kinds of work for ships and
manufacturing and assembling of furniture for them.
Then located in the town of Puerto Real, is developing technology and
professionally, gaining more experience and reputation in the industry.
Production machinery is acquired at various stages that facilitates and
increases the quality of its products and expand the facilities are extended in de
same locality.
In 1977 the company is established in its present legal form Limited
Partnership. Then N.S.L. begins to establish itself as market leader in the
industry. Have already undertaken major new construction projects and
collaborated closely with repair works Astilleros de Cádiz.
Finally, in September 1991, moved to its current facilities located in the Rio San
Pedro Estate Puerto Real.

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